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“six times eleven isn’t sixty-eight. it isn’t ever. it’s sixty-six, i know for a fact.”
“she said so. she admitted it. what else did she lie about?”
“i don’t know,” he said. “stuff.”
“what stuff?”
“well.” he swung his legs back and forth. “you ever see an animal that was half lion and half bird?” he crossed his arms. “it sounded real fakey to me.”

- from
gryphon by charles baxter

hey so i was talking to this guy right. he was a real nice guy, looked real good, and he had no rings on his fingers, no watch on his wrist, he wasn’t wearing anything on his hands at all. i only met him by chance, a helped chance – a friend said to me, i think you’ll really like this guy. we were talking, and everything he said made me think “yes! yes! yes!”

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September 12, 2007

love remains was an impulse purchase. my mother had given me a book voucher she had received from her company. i bought two books, one of which was this. i thought it would be a fun kind of tragic modern love story, floaty and faux-dramatic like the cover.

look, i don’t want to be too crushing about. plenty of online reviewers have liked its ‘gritty’ tone and subject matter. i just found duncan’s writing pedestrian and the plot skeletal. things happen but the overwhelming feeling i got from this book was perhaps the feeling that glen duncan was holding up a placard and waving it around. the placard says:


he is rather earnest.

i’m not going to say that it’s not a very good story. but i will say that as a writer, duncan makes a reader work too hard. and i don’t mean in a good way. you have to work hard to read plenty of good non-fiction, as you must with shakespeare if you are not good friends with him already. i’m an easily pleased reader, i think. but i found as i progressed through the book i was granting love remains too many concessions. i was having to construct some special excuses and it got tiring.

it makes a pretty picture, but it is a tiresome book.

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