So, I’m all kinds of delighted (and a bit shy) about announcing my involvement in Format Festival’s Academy of Words. The Adelaide festival has a fine history of supporting Adelaide’s keen artistic folk by putting on lots of free events, and I’ll be there from 12-14 March. Hopefully those dates won’t coincide with a heatwave, though precedent suggests they will. I’m presenting two events. The first is an Editorial Agony Aunts session, which I’m co-hosting with my one-time interviewee, Dion Kagan. It’s going to be intimate, confessional and hopefully a little bit uplifting. However, Dion and I are both firm believers in failure as key to success and if, by that credo, we depress our faithful attendees too much, we’ll buy them a drink after the session.

The other event is the soon-to-be-famous Literary Friction extravaganza. Hosted by Angela Meyer and yours truly (both wearing slinky dresses and sensible shoes), it promises (well, it promised me) to be a shitfight between festival guests desperate to prove that they are the literary champions of the world (…or, the room). If you love trivia, and if you ‘just love books LOL’, then this is the seedy Saturday night for you. Sensitive, well-read folk only, please.

So, a bit of cheeky crowdsourcing. For those of you who are interested in ‘getting into publishing’, what are you most interested in finding out? And what is the most obscure literary trivia question I could ask that you would get right?

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  1. Heat wave, brain melty, sexy literary stuff… can’t wait for Format!

  2. Congratulations on presenting! Makes me wanna get a spot in dingy backpackers and experience Format for myself!

  3. Wait… what? you have sensible shoes?? I’ve never seen them!


    • I have plenty of sensible shoes! Ones that have only two-inch heels, spotty gumboots, shoes with knives hidden in the sole…is that sensible? I really don’t know anymore.

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