I know this is cheating, but here’s my review of Andrew Porter’s short story collection, The Theory of Light and Matter, at Killings. Sorry to be so stingy on value, but I’m reeling this week from having been told I look like Poh.

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  1. Maybe the person in question is suffering from prosopagnosia – I just had a bad attack of same this week between panel beaters (in the course of half an hour, which was pretty pathetic. My sorry to Grant at Montvern.)

  2. and I am always grateful for your excellent reviews, wherever they are, and your lovely face that is far too good for radio, Estelle.

    • God bless you Genevieve, and your heartening kindness! I’m no face-rememberer myself, but am particularly sensitive to, um, comparisons to tv cooks, apparently. Nevermind. At least they didn’t say, ‘You look like Bilbo Baggins.’

  3. It was quite incredible what I did to this guy – I had spoken to him, walked outside with him to look at my car, went around the corner with it to a hail repair specialist, came back about 20 mins later and promptly collared a smaller panel beater with a completely different outfit on.
    Fortunately he was WITH HIM (Doh!) and corrected me.

  4. you are shortish like bilbo baggins, estelle… i don’t really see in what way poh resembles you, though. Genevieve, do not feel ridiculous – it’s a common thing in the study of attention psychology.

    This clip is based on a famous experiment (but i can’t find the original video). It’s interesting I think.


    • I am short and I also have hairy feet. Or do I? That’s the question.

  5. [...] undoubted highlight, though, was reading some months ago how she was left “reeling” … after someone told her [...]

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