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February 28, 2011

Hi all. Just another one of those cursory ‘direct-you-elsewhere’ posts, sorry. Hey, at least I am not stealing your money or anything like that. (Although, for all you know, I could be.)

Anyhow, I read Sherman Alexie’s War Dances for Killings and I blogged for The Book Show here about … this blog, actually. And how it’s helped me become a better reader.

Happy week!

February 6, 2011

I owe almost everything to internships (extreme claim alert), so without any further ado here are two three you might like to check out if you are interested in a career in publishing.

The Australian Book Review Sidney Myer Fund Editorial Internship is worth $20,000. It’s a full-time position and the intern will receive a six-month placement at the magazine. Wild times, you guys. This is a pretty rare opportunity. Applications close on 18 February.

Kill Your Darlings (where I am the online editor) has two unpaid intern positions available: Marketing and Publicity Intern, and Subscriptions Intern. Interns will work one day a week. Position descriptions are available here, and applications close on 14 February.

Just a note from me that even though the three positions are very different, any entry-level position at a small company is an excellent way to get an overview of how the whole organisation works.