May 13, 2012

If you’ve scanned The Age‘s ‘M Magazine’ today, you might have seen the ‘My Life as a Blog’ feature by the lovely Natalie Craig. Natalie got in touch with me to chat about 3000 BOOKS. You can read the article here; please enjoy all the ellipses, brought to you by my verbal diarrhea.

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  1. My sister is famous!!! So cool.. I laughed at the ellipses too. I was thinking, ‘…how much did she actually say?!’ haha :P So proud of you, soeur!

  2. Wow,wonder if i can read 10 a year! Will proudly recommend your blog to a friend who reads “a lot” by my reckoning but definitely not one a week or more!!

  3. good to hear you have your mojo back & the pleasure in reading other than work work work…

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