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Hello friends. I’m chairing two amazing events at MWF 2012:

Friendly Fire, with Sloane Crosley, Marieke Hardy and Benjamin Law

I am sorry, this is going to be freaking amazing. I’m not even going to blurb it.

In Conversation with David Vann

I know David Vann is a highlight of the program for many, and I’m truly excited to be talking with him about his wonderful books.


Also, I’m very excited about the New Yorker events, especially ‘Restaurants we can never go to: Why Melburnians read “Table for Two”‘, chaired by me, and featuring well-known writers ‘WHY GOD WHY’, ‘I CAN HAZ BATALI?’ and ‘GIMME WATERMELON PICKLE’.

Further, you have got to be kidding yourself if you don’t immediately buy tickets to see Germaine Greer in conversation with Ben Law (say WHAT? etc.), and the mesmerising Gillian Mears in conversation with Ramona Koval.

July 16, 2012

I recently read a string of novels that coincidentally featured characters affected by sexual abuse. I was fascinated and moved by the authors’ acts of empathy for both the people who were abused, but also the abusers. I have written about child abuse, fiction and empathy for the Wheeler Centre’s Long View criticism series. You can read ‘Pitying the Monster?: Abuse and Empathy in Fiction’ here.

On the other end of the seriousness spectrum is my piece on how Ryan Gosling is my (and everyone’s) boyfriend, for Kill Your Darlings.

Also, I want to congratulate my Kill Your Darlings colleague, and friend, Hannah Kent, on her incredible success with her novel manuscript. Hannah is a star and one of the kindest people imaginable; she is also an incredibly hard-working writer who deserves all the success in the world.

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