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October 9, 2007

people are real assholes about naomi klein these days. i don’t mean media, because i haven’t noticed any, but normal people. when i was reading no logo, someone asked me why i was reading ‘that‘. but it is honestly the most influential book i have read this year. i know i am a little late. and it is outdated, though not due to any missteps on klein’s part. but i passed by her new book the shock doctrine: the rise of disaster capitalism in borders last week, for fuck’s sake. and i thought ‘oh shit. i’ve got to get onto that’.

i’m fuzzy on the detail of no logo because i read it months ago now. but when i did, it galloped around lassoing many of my left leanings with logic, research and optimism. i think i would have killed myself if i was naomi klein by now. i should probably still consider some kind of self-punishment: i still own nike shoes. i still have friends who go to starbucks. but i am trying to be more political with my money. everyone should read this.